Rocket Learning

Rocket Learning

We are a team of purpose-driven innovators who are passionate about learning and education

Rocket Learning is a pioneering non-profit catalyzing Early Childhood Development (ECD) across India. We incubate communities of practice for Anganwadi (publicly funded daycare centers) workers and parents, both in person and digitally, by leveraging accessible technology and engaging content. We also support policy and structural reform.

Our solution is scalable, effective and cost efficient, at just $1.50 per child per year.

The impact on our 2.5M children reached to date is groundbreaking, with 70% children reaching school and life readiness, as compared to 50% nationally.

We currently reach 11% of India’s public pre-schools and teachers by partnering with India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Education, 10 states and MIT- JPAL, to create, measure and scale our impact.

By 2030, we’ll reach 50 million underserved children. Through a top-tier, community-led Early Childhood Development system, we’ll ensure every child, regardless of income or background, achieves full brain and body development by age 6.

A world where all children reach their full potential.

By focusing on underserved communities, we have worked tirelessly to break down the barriers that hindered educational opportunities.

Our unwavering commitment is helping ensure that no child is left behind, empowering these young minds and giving them the tools to build a brighter future. Read More

India has the world’s largest government-anchored daycare system. Within five years, we will help implement “Poshan bhi, Padhai bhi (Education Along With Nutrition)” to improve learning outcomes for 40+ million children, who are currently deprived of quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) and act as inspiration for community worker anchored ECD at a global level. Read in detail.

Our Values

North Star: Put Communities First

Always do what’s best for our community.

Every decision we make starts with understanding the needs of our users – parents, teachers and children. We do what is best for them at every point and resist any pressure to deviate from that path. We listen to, learn from, and co-create with our communities. We recognize the immeasurable love and dedication parents and caregivers have for their children, and we partner with them to build system-wide solutions.

Act Fast, Improve Fast

A willingness to take big swings, occasionally miss, always learn.

We have a bias for action, embracing rapid iterations and nimble decisions. Perfection is an illusion and ‘the best’ is the enemy of ‘the good’ – we want to be good enough to move fast and get to the best that way. Fueled by an abundance of optimism, innovation and can-do spirit, we’re flexible enough to experiment, learn and optimize on the fly. We understand that even small, rapid iterations can spark massive change.

Listen, Learn

Respect and empathy for each other.

We build diverse teams intentionally, but that’s just the first step. Every day, we will champion true inclusion, where every voice in our team and stakeholders is heard, respected, and valued. This isn’t tokenism; it’s a core belief woven into the fabric of our team. 

Be Generous

Generosity is our superpower.

We help colleagues even when no one is watching, because together we achieve more. Celebrate wins and share the credit, building trust and fostering collaboration. Forgive honest mistakes and hold each other accountable with compassion.

We are stronger together, and generosity ripples through the team and the organization, nourishing our culture of support and success.

Own Your Work

Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a mindset.

We champion big ideas and tackle the unglamorous tasks with equal passion and accountability. 

Our team members lead by example, taking ownership of every detail, big and small. We hire people and cultivate teams that take accountability seriously, ensuring every commitment and To-Do is delivered with excellence.

Collaborate Actively

Our #1 advantage is our collective genius.

We are One Team, One Dream, and believe the sum is always greater than its parts. Don’t worry about individual credit - understand and value what others bring to the table so you can build better solutions. Collaboration is hard, so actively cultivate it by building trust, clear processes, dedicated time and open communication, ensuring our teamwork is easy and delivers impactful results.


Azeez Gupta
Namya Mahajan
Siddhant Sachdeva
Utsav Kheria
Vishal Sunil



Ashish Dhawan

Founder, Central Square Foundation

Chairman, Ashoka University

Anu Madgavkar

Partner, McKinsey Institute

Iqbal Dhaliwal

Global Executive Director, J-PAL (Poverty Action Lab)/MIT

Jaideep Khanna

Partner & Co-founder, Artha Capital Management

Margo Drakos

Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Namita Dalmia

Founder & Partner, Enzia Ventures

Prashant Prakash

Partner, Accel India, Co-founder, Erasmic