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Rocket Learning aims to achieve school and life readiness for 3-8-year-old children and measures engagement and responses by parents on digital communities by setting the following goals: 

Percentage of children who attain age-specific developmental milestones by age 6 (across 5 domains – cognitive skills, physical skills, social-emotional skills, literacy, and numeracy

Percentage of children who attain foundational literacy and numeracy skills by grade 3

Change in parental knowledge, attitude, and confidence



  • Government anchored Teacher-Parent messaging groups

  • Social pull to build aspiration and validation through group effects for both teachers and parents

  • Technology Stack that can send information, store responses, and analyze responses


  • Teachers obtain regular, easy-to-understand guidance on how to stimulate their students through play and activity-based learning. They are able to execute this in their classrooms and context

  • Low-income parents, especially mothers build the confidence and knowledge to engage with their young children

  • They do regular learning activities with their children at home, and engage with the school system


  • Improvement in the child’s abilities and learning outcomes

  • Increase in teacher skills, execution accountability and motivation.

  • Change in caregiver knowledge, attitude and confidence for home-learning and engagement with school

Learning outcome assessments show statistically significant improvement in learning outcomes for our students - an average child in our cohort is at the 70th percentile of a control group. User engagement is 5-10x of a similar control group, and 30-40% of users continue responding with learning content even post 6 months of the program. These results are best in class amid ed-tech solutions, especially at cost of 50c/user/year.

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