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Rocket Learning Technology 

Our solution is a technology and community-enabled behavior change – creating the social incentives and behavioral nudges to pull parent communities to engage with children and teachers. We use India's increasing smartphone and internet penetration.


Our technology focuses on behavioral change and learning outcome impact through the distribution of high-quality content, big data analytics, and effective nudges. So while enabling distribution by building on top of a simple front-end like Whatsapp and partnering with governments is a strength of our solution, the biggest USP is our understanding of the mix of content, nudges, and community building required to ensure behavior change of teachers and parents.

We use technology for 2 main purposes:-


Platform engineering that works on the frontend and then getting the data from the APIs and DB to the frontend. It builds different features to improve user engagement.


Data engineering and data science that manages the data validation, processing, and managing the storage layer. It builds the models for various NLP and ML models for image recognition and mapping. The tech stack comprises- Cloud-Based: Microsoft Azure – Blob Storage, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Functions Core stack - Laravel PHP, Node JS, Kubernetes, Function Servers, MYSQL.


Rocket Learning is a part of Microsoft's inaugural Global Social Entrepreneur cohort and is being supported by Microsoft experts as well as senior tech leaders from India's startup industry. Rocket Learning's solution uses cutting-edge data science to parse and analyze large amounts of user engagement and learning data to create personalized nudges, incentives, and learning pathways. As part of these, we are using recently developed tools and techniques like Kubernetes to make sense of text, audio, image, and video responses. These are the same technologies used by large social media companies like Facebook and Tiktok - however, we are using these for learning for low-income user.

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