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As we celebrate National Startup Day, we reflect with gratitude on the incredible journey Rocket Learning has undertaken. Since our inception, we haven’t just grown as an organization; we’ve evolved our understanding of what it takes to make a real impact in early childhood education. Today, I share three invaluable lessons that have shaped our organizational ethos.

Cultivating a Culture of Resilience: Embracing Failure and Learning

In the startup landscape, failure often appears as a setback. However, at Rocket Learning, we’ve embraced a different perspective. Failure is an inherent part of innovation and growth. Our organizational culture is built on being “Happy to Fail.” This doesn’t mean we seek failure; rather, it signifies our willingness to take risks, experiment, and learn from setbacks. Our commitment to our model is unwavering. The pursuit of excellence in early childhood education is not without challenges, but our resilience in the face of adversity defines us. Each failure is a stepping stone, providing valuable insights and propelling us forward. It’s this culture that fuels our passion for creating a positive impact on the lives of millions of children. This culture of learning is reflected in our ethos by different team members trying and experimenting with a multitude of ideas across our verticals and really imbibe the value of #DoFastLearnFast.

Shaping User-Centric Learning: Iterative and Human-Centered Design

Success in our program hinges on communities’ habitual consumption of content over time. Recognizing this, we’ve adopted an iterative and human-centered design approach. Our content design results from extensive user experience tests and prototyping workshops, where we gather insights into user abilities, needs, and aspirations. The outcome? A concise, bite-sized structure for our content, enriched with co-created mascots, catchphrases, and visual design. We’ve crafted an engaging learning journey that begins with clear objectives, provides contextual demonstrations, and ends with actionable calls to foster a deeper connection with the material. It’s about making learning accessible, enjoyable, and relatable for our users, ensuring that the content resonates with them personally. Our team members constantly spend time on ground, often having open ended conversations with Anganwadis, parents and children and some of our best ideas have come from voices of users directly.

The Transformative Power of Parent Communications: Community-Driven Behavior Change Model

Behavior change is an ongoing process, and at Rocket Learning, we recognize the need for constant feedback. Annual surveys, workshops, and individual discussions with parents help us refine our messaging continually. The key lies in understanding the diverse mindsets and behaviors that drive parent-child interactions and addressing them one component at a time.

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Driving behavior change, especially in the context of parent-child interactions for early childhood education, is no small feat. Our journey over the past three years has illuminated the challenges and complexities of this endeavor. Rocket Learning’s approach revolves around building a behavior change program that enhances the quality and quantity of parent-child interactions related to ECE. Through technology, we deliver daily nudges to parents, guiding them on effective engagement with their children. This involves understanding the nuances of communication campaigns that facilitate continuous behavior change. Our behavior change framework encompasses critical indices: aspiration, attitude, intention, confidence, and behavior. This structured approach allows us to address each component systematically, bringing order to what may seem like a chaotic and unstructured problem.

Our startup journey has been a profound learning experience. Embracing failure, prioritizing user-centric design, and championing community-driven behavior change have become the cornerstones of our approach. As we navigate the future, these lessons will continue to guide us, propelling Rocket Learning toward new horizons in early childhood education.

Happy National Startup Day!

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