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Udaan 2024: Every Child's Development Conference

We welcomed 250 fervent stakeholders nationwide, including policymakers, government officials, educators, parents, and researchers, for our annual summit, Udaan 2024, that illuminated the transformative power of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

India's Largest Early Childhood Care and Education Conference

This year, under the theme of "Where Science Meets Economics for Progressive ECCE," we delved into the confluence of two disciplines that shape the trajectory of childhood development. Our panels, keynotes, fireside chats, and lightning talks ignited profound conversations, underscoring early childhood education's pivotal role in India's prosperity journey.

Science of early stimulation for children ages 0-3

Discover recent evidence from neuroscience that has sparked a revolution in our understanding of the crucial role played by the first 1000 days. 

Science of early childhood education for children ages 3-6

A child's brain develops 80 to 90% by the age of 6. Learn why it's crucial to take a balanced approach to early childhood education during this time and focus on all domains of development: emotional, social, cognitive, physical and language development. 

Economics of financing, expenditure and implications of ECCE

Explore strategies to improve the financing and investment in ECCE model that results in improved educational outcomes and increased future earnings, particularly benefiting children facing socio-economic disadvantages.

Role of Technology in Scaling ECCE

Dive into the latest initiatives at Rocket Learning, where generative AI is driving innovative projects. Learn more about our commitment to accessible and cutting-edge education solutions.

Fostering partnerships and advancing global collaboration.

Connect and network with global ECCE experts pioneering unique and innovative solutions to bridge educational divides in their communities. Join us for a chance to learn, collaborate, and make a difference together.

More than 30 esteemed speakers joined us!

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