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Rocket Learning

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Join our non-profit organization and be part of the transformative movement to provide early childhood education access to all children in India. By working with us, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of countless young minds, laying the foundation for their future success. Together, we can bridge the educational gap, empower disadvantaged communities, and create a brighter, more equitable future for India’s children.

We stick to Our Values

We Care About Your Well-Being

We Are Committed To Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

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Your Growth Matter to Us


Siddhartha Singh

The best thing about RL is how honest the organisation is about what it promises its potential hires (rocketeers), what they get, and what is expected out of them. RL is not just a great place to work on paper but truly a supportive, enabling, and empowering organisation that will one day set the standard for how an organisation should treat its people. I am, rather we all are, truly valued here.


I generally like the culture, flexibility to work, WFH, flexible leave policy and many more. No one here is judgmental, we can make mistakes and learn from them. Like the fact how we are growing and doing tremendous work here, happy to share that we have exceeded expectation in promoting and adapting our culture. We are the culture ambassador who brings in lot of empathy and love for our people.


Working at Rocket Learning is a fulfilling journey, where I wake up every morning knowing that I am making a difference for children and caregivers. The organization’s mission drives my sense of purpose and pushes me to reach my fullest potential, surrounded by exceptional individuals and opportunities for growth.